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Lotus Memory Foam Pillow 20″x30″



Lotus Memory Foam Pillow

Naturally embraces the shape of individual’s curve in the head and neck area.

Lotus Memory Foam Pillow’s classic therapeutic design has two different contours. Its higher contour provides excellent support ideal for the side and back sleepers and its lower contour allows premium comfort suitable for the stomach sleeper.

Enjoy every night’s perfect sleep on Lotus Memory Foam Pillow that keeps your head, neck, and back to be properly aligned and reduces pressure points to minimum.

Origin of Memory Foam

Memory foam was originally developed for the improvement of safety for the NASA astronauts during space travel as memory foam provides soft touch cushion to the easily get sore areas, known as pressure points, which restricts blood circulation.

Lotus Memory Foam Pillow Features

  • Responds to your body temperature, shape, and weight around your head area.
  • Embraces your head and neck curve softly.
  • Provides excellent support to the head and neck
  • Absorbs the head weight in a balanced way naturally.
  • Minimizes painful pressure points comfortably.
  • Helps relax and sleep well pleasantly.

I-Breeze Smart Cover

I-Breeze Smart Cover has the capacity to absorb, store and emit heat energy without changing the temperature nearby. I-Breeze can absorb the heat when it is too hot and give you warmth when it is too cold. In other words, I-Breeze enhances your sleep comfort: it keeps you at the most ideal sleep temperature throughout the night. I-Breeze and Lotus Memory Foam Pillow combination bring you and your family the perfect sleep night after night.

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