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Lotus Neck Massage Latex Pillow 20″x30″



LOTUS Neck Massage Latex pillow’s wave convoluted surface is designed to reduce pressure point on neck, head and shoulder area imporove back support, and enchant air circulation while reducing bed sores. It’s unique contour shape provides high and low profile at each side ensures restful nights for all types of sleepers.

Made completely foam a rubber-based materail. LOTUS Neck Massage Latex pillow provides instantanecus recovery as it responds quickly and supports any movement in the neck area, and is clinically proven to be naturally hypoallergenic that is bed bug proof, dust mite proof, and allergy-proof. Choose once, you will experience sound and quality sleep on LOTUS Neck Massage Latex pillow. LOTUS Latex Pillow Neck Massage Features

1. Relax muscle: LOTUS Neck Massage Latex pillow actively support and comfort the neck muscle promoting better blood circulation. Increased blood flow means less tossing and turning minimizing disruption for your deeper sleep.

2. Rubber is Elastic: LOTUS Neck Massage Latex pillow pillow is made of elastic rubber that never break downs and sets, unlike fiber products allowing for you to enjoy the support you desire for years to come. The pillow always bounces back and never requires fluffing.

3. Correct Spinal Alignment: LOTUS Neck Massage Latex pillow pillow’s full neck support keeps your head to spine aligned correctly during sleep, minimizing tossing and turning during the night and ache and pains upon waking.

4. Open-Cell Structure: LOTUS Neck Massage Latex pillow pillow’s open-cell structure is highly breathable ensuring full air-circulation for your refreshing and deeper sleep year round. Warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

5. Naturally Hypoallergenic: LOTUS Neck Massage Latex pillow pillow is inherently anti- microbial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and dust mites.

I-Breeze Smart Cover I-Breeze Smart Cover has the capacity to absorb, store and emit heat energy without changing the temperature nearby.I-Breeze can absorb the heat when it is too hot and give you warmth when it is too cold. In other words, I-Breeze enhances your sleep comfort: it keeps you at the most ideal sleep temperature throughout the night. I-Breeze and LOTUS Neck Massage Latex pillow combination bring you and your family the perfect sleep night after night.

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